First... There was the idea, a little color and some time with a design program and the help of the
Karmann Ghia creation of
Jochen Bader and we had a direction!
... the ingredients were found in this ready for the dump 2.8 Liter V6 Audi A4...          
Start Date 01/09/2006...
...and we needed a body that we could
use... Luckily we found this 1974
Karmann Ghia in our neighborhood for a
1000 bucks...

Cost to date including the Audi A4...

... and we finally we got a digital camera.
The picture to the left shows the Ghia at
it's first trial fit over a square tube chassis!
...need to make some room for those
sweet 18's...
...about a week later, we've got some
nice hand made flares and...
...all the paint stripped off! BUT NOW... Houston, we have a problem!!! If we go with
the Ghia front end, will we able to stop the V6? And will the rack and pinion of the Audi
fit in the Ghia body without too much cutting? Questions over questions!!!
RATS... now what? If we go with the Audi front end and Spindle... we have to cut out
the fire wall... NOT part of the plan... RATS RATS RATS... 6 months to the 2007
Autorama (March 2007)
...6 weeks down the road, a
few sketches, some help
from a wonderful design
program and the help of a
friend from our FMEA
department and tah dah...
we got ourselves a new
chassis, that will allow us to
drop the engine once the
body is mounted and... with
the help of our friends at GM
and there A-frames and a
low mounted rack and
pinion, we can save our fire
wall and believe it or not... it
hooks straight up to the
Ghia steering axle!!!...
...the Axle of a 1994 Corvette... some QA1 coil overs and we are back in business...
... 02/02/2007... Ready for PAINT!!!!
Not bad, for some one that hasn't painted a car in 10 years eh?
FINALLY THE WHEELS COME IN... just two weeks to go to the show... boy, talk
about cutting it short... I feel like I'm on one of these TV shows!
AH... RATS... M%$##@$^ing RATS... Just when you think nothing can go wrong...
BOZE sent out the wrong off set... Sucks, when you have custom made wheels...
Rats!!! NOW WHAT???
Trying to find some wheels for this baby is not that easy... Each time I go to the wheel
shop they ask what car and what year and when I tell them it doesn't matter all I need is
a wheel that fits on a Corvette hub... They say that they can't help... So I tell them it's for
a 1974 Ghia with 92 Corvette hubs and a 94 A4 V6 Engine... They look at me like I'm
from outer space... SO, I DECIDED TO TAKE THE CAR TO THEM!!!!!
Ready for the show...
All polished up....
What do you know... 5 Months of hard work paid off with a SECOND PRIZE at the 2007
Autorama in the semi sport class,,,
THE Build...